Our Pledge:

Alliance Elevator believes in providing favorable working conditions for their employees. Listed below are our convictions:

  • You will be treated fairly, as an individual, with consideration and respect.
  • To offer wages that are equal to or greater than the paid within this community by comparable employers for similar work.
  • Liberal benefits are made available to you and your family
  • To weigh all decisions with full regard for their effect on your well being
  • Full consideration to your service and qualifications is given when making all job transfers and promotions.
  • We provide a stable and secure work environment
  • To ensure a safe, clean work environment for our employees



Job Description:
Position's Duties and Responsibilities:
• Create in-house drawings utilizing template-based prints and working up to custom print drafting. >90% mechanicalprints, <10% electrical
• Have the ability to provide instructions and effectively communicate with internal and external (supply chain)manufacturing.
• Annotate drawings for supplier prints based on recommendations from the customer and internal team members.
• Develop clear concise drawings for installation & construction.
• Complete redline corrections and additions as necessary on drawings following review.
• Participate in project meetings and conference calls as required.
• Work closely with engineering, sales, project management, and purchasing personnel on a daily basis.
Job Requirements: Qualifications:
• Understanding of computer-aided design software and previous drafting experience is absolutely required.
• Associates Degree or equivalent, minimum two-year college degree or ample experience in the construction industry.
• Strong technical and organizational skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent problem-solving ability
• Attention to detail

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