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AES is guided by nearly 90 years of combined elevator experience and fueled by the latest technologies from an alliance of strategic suppliers, such as: Draka, Innovation, Smartrise, and Columbia. This team has assisted in developing patent pending technologies that will significantly decrease inefficiencies in the field while increasing our customer's bottom line.


The Advantage Hydraulic Elevator Package has been religiously tested, not just in laboratory type settings, but in real hoist ways all over the Mid Atlantic. AES has harnessed knowledge, once known as tribal, of seasoned mechanics to deliver a trouble-free installation. We have engineered time saving features such as: detailed work instructions, pit templates, plug and play traveler and top of car harnesses, and a pre-hung door operator to name a few. AES offers capacities from 2100 lbs. through 4500 lbs, with a number of pre-engineered options to allow customer flexibility.


The Alliance EDGE™ likes tight spaces. The EDGE™ boasts the smallest hoistway configuration available in the non-proprietary market. The simplistic design allows for either rail (2100-3500 lbs.) or beam supported designs with capacities ranging from 2100-5000 lbs. and speeds up to 500 FPM. The EDGE™ has plenty to offer the building owner, i.e. superior performance and ride quality, outstanding efficiency and the greatest feature, no need for a machine room. The Alliance team didn't forget about the Independent Elevator Contractor during the design, the contractor can take advantage of the EDGE™'s tight overhead clearances, written step-by-step instructions and the convenience of streamline ordering.


All material and design of the equipment furnished by Alliance Elevator Solutions shall be first class in every respect. We will honor, without cost to the owner, any material or equipment failure not due to ordinary wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or improper use, which may be develop within two (2) years from the date of final acceptance.
  • Mission

    Alliance Elevator's mission is to achieve our full potential in the vertical transportation industry. We will achieve this through continuous improvements in our products, training, management, and customer service. We are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and employees, making their safety and welfare our first priority.
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