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Did You Say Shorter Lead Times?!


Did you say shorter leadtimes?!

The elevator industry is hot right now, demands are at all-time highs! While other elevator manufactures are increasing lead-times to meet capacity challenges. Alliance Elevator Solutions decided to cut Engineering leadtimes by 20%!

As of March 1st, Alliance Elevator Solutions will be taking 3 days off their engineering leadtime on all standard two stop elevator packages. How is this possible? Great question! Alliance Elevator Solutions once again partnered with our inhouse coding guru's and developed the first non-proprietary layout drawing print configurator.

The process is simple! Start by taking a few short minutes by reviewing the specifications and prints of the project. Log into Alliance's ALPUS configurator and quote your project using Alliance's patented 4 step process. Once the job is awarded, log back in and confirm your quote and click on "Order Now" and BAM you just ordered an elevator! While you are preparing your Purchase Order to Alliance our Inside Sales Pros are preparing your project for Engineering. Once the PO is received and confirmed, within 24 hours, your Preliminary Layout Drawings will be waiting patiently on your APLUS configurator portal.

The Alliance team loves a good challenge, cutting leadtimes while our competitors are increasing them, yeah it feels good to be a part of the cool club!

Check back this spring...what if you could get all your preliminary drawings within 24 hours?!

We're all in this together, be safe out there.


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