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5% Off and a Trip to Orlando!?


Did you know the NAEC Convention is less than a month away?! Amazing how the summer goes by so in PA, the kids go back to school next week!

This year's show is worth attending! First, it's in sunny Orlando, who doesn't love Florida weather? Second, Alliance is debuting a completely new product, who doesn't love new stuff to play with and third you could save 5% on you next elevator package!

You read right, Alliance Elevator Solutions is offering a 5% discount on any commercial elevator package quoted at the show. Alliance's Sales Mechanics will be tapped into our APLUS configurator and quoting elevator packages in our booth (0620), so here is the deal...

Advertising in Elevator World (EW) isn't cheap, I need to know if it works, so this is what I am asking. I ran an ad in EW in next month's edition (September). Bring that ad (physical ad from the magazine) to the Alliance booth, hand the ad to the Sales Mechanic before he or she starts the quoting process, order the package by October 16th and have it shipped before June 30th 2018 and BAM you just saved 5%!

Let's do the math.... Plane tickets to Orlando $400, hotel $600, food and spirts $ if my logic is close, the convention has a price tag near $1,500 smacker-roos...HOWEVER if you have a job on the hook and the material package is north of $30K bada-bing your Orlando trip just got paid for! 5% of $30k is $1,500! Having a week of education, spirts and good times paid that's priceless!

Oh, by the way you're not going to want to miss our VIP event, here is hint....craft beer, brewery, music, good times...should I go on?!

See you in Orlando September 10th - 14th!!

Be safe out there!


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