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MAD, A smarter way!


Wow, Christmas is in 3 days! done yet?...well we still have 4,320 minutes right?!

I hope this letter finds you in the Christmas spirt....present buying, holiday travel and asking yourself "why" did I need that night-cap at 11:34PM...oh where's the aspirin! ?

I wanted to send a quick note and share with you that Alliance is pleased to announce our partnership with MAD Fixtures.

MAD Fixtures is a joint venture between DMG - a market leader in Europe for elevator fixtures, and Mainline Elevator, a Canadian custom car interior manufacturer. The companies initially came together in 2005 to advance elevator fixture modernization in North America and bring impressive innovations to the market.

Now that I got the corporate sales pitch out of the way, I need to tell you why I think MAD Fixtures is the smart choice for Alliance Elevator Solutions and our customers, one word... innovative. MAD has developed an online website coupled with an App. that is "first-in-industry" technology.

The old way...

Its December 23rd and your service mechanic arrives to the building, the last job of the day and right before he is off to start his Christmas shopping. Before he jumps on top of the car he notices the first floor call button in the COP is burnt out and the PI is dead. The car isn't on the "Should have been moded years ago list" so the service mechanic is unfamiliar with the fixture manufacture and is off to the machine room in search of the prints and hopefully a fixture PN. As he steps out of the machine room, after jotting the PNs down on the palm of his hand, the building maintenance engineer stops and takes 20 minutes bragging to your mechanic about the diamond earrings he got for his girlfriend...half way through the love story your mechanic realizes he hasn't bought jack for his girl and excuses himself from the misery of conversation. Now, he has been at the building for 30 minutes and he feels the pressure of being behind on the service call. In a haste, he pulls out his phone and checks to see when the jewelry store closes...he has 40 minutes! He does a quick scan of the car top and pit...everything looks fine from the landings, he signs the book and off he goes. The last thing between him and Christmas bliss is calling in the parts order, one new call button and PI. It's now dark outside, he climbs into his van he dials the office and after waiting on hold for a few minutes he finally gets the parts guy. While listing to the holiday cheer music marathonic on hold the mechanic has blown through 1 stop sign and damn near ran over "grandma". The tension builds, he knows he is running out of time....the mechanic has to pull over to read the PNs he jotted down, he turns the light on flips his hand over....."NO!!!!!!!!!!!" to his disgust the ink has whipped off and the PNs are gone..... Bah humbug!

The smarter way...the MAD way...

Its December 23rd and your service mechanic arrives to the building, before he walks through the front door he clicks on "Place Your Order" and closes the Amazon website...with guaranteed free overnight delivery he knows his girl will be taken care of Christmas morning. He arrives to the elevator and notices the first floor call button in the COP is burnt out and PI is black. He remembered hearing that all MAD COPs have a QR code in the inside of the COP. He simply peels off the COP cover and notices the QR code in the bottom right of the COP box. He pulls out his smartphone, after noticing his Amazon Order Confirmation email he taps on the MAD App. icon and snaps a picture of the QR code The App. pulls back the jobname, prints and PN list. He has the option of ordering the parts right then, but he elects to copy the PNs and pastes them in a text back to the parts guy. Knowing his girl is taken care, the parts are ordered he takes the next hour servicing the he wipes down the rails from the top of the car he overhears the maintenance engineer boring the receptionist about some diamond earrings...chuckling to himself he appreciates the fact he is on top of the car and not stuck in that conversation. After a thorough inspection/service and while singing "Jingle Bells" he signs the book. As he jumped into his van he noticed how beautiful the sunset was, he text his girl a smiley and beer glass emoji...followed by "I'll be home early.....Merry Christmas!"

Cheers to a smarter way!...because we all like getting home a little earlier this time of year.

Don't worry, you have 4,315 minutes to find that perfect know where I shop, free delivery!

We'll shoot out some details early next year, till then...
Have a very Merry Christmas and SAFE (we're elevator guys I know how we drink!) New Year!

We're all in this together,


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