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Alliance Meets with VDA!


Last week Alliance teamed up with Liberty Elevator Corporation in Manhattan, NY and had the privilege to share industry insight with VDA during their monthly staff meeting. Alliance recapped their current success in the 5 boroughs and shared the challenges the open source elevator industry has faced during the various stages of the MRL's life cycle, i.e. installation, service and replacement.
VDA is one of the most recognized elevator consultant groups in the country. VDA has worked with the building community's most prominent architects, engineers and developers. VDA has guided many successful construction professionals through many of the country's prestigious projects e.g., The Statue of Liberty, Citi Field, Southeast Financial Center and 11 Time Square to name a few. Their consultants are continually up to date on new technology, manufactures, regulations and design trends. VDA ensures your new construction project planning will go smoothly and their involvement will guarantee a building that meets everyone's diverse standards.
Alliance would like to send out a special thanks to Liberty Elevator for giving Alliance the opportunity. We will continue to educate industry professionals on the value and knowledge the independent elevator contractor brings to the job project at a time.
We're all in this together.

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