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Thank You!


Thank You!

As the Alliance team members wrapped up for the Memorial Day weekend and started gearing up for their holiday, we took a few moments to remember those who made it possible.

As an Air Force veteran I use to love whenever people would stop and thank me when I was on active duty for my service. It wasn't until years after I hung up my flight suite that I truly appreciated what those before me accomplished.

I challenge each of you to discover what Memorial Day really shouldn't just mean the kick-off to the summer or a day for BBQs and should be more than that. We live in the greatest country in the world and many gave the ultimate sacrifice to make that possible.

Before the Igloo is topped off with your favorite 12 oz. beverage and the smell of Coppertone fills the air, take a moment and remember those that made your holiday weekend possible.

Be safe out there.


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